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Decorate a Vet Fundraiser

Decorate A Vet is dedicated to bringing together local individuals and local companies in the Northern Virginia area to assist those who have helped us live freer lives. The mission of Decorate A Vet is to improve the quality of life of area veterans through the repair and beautification of their residences. Many veterans are physically unable to perform basic household and yard chores such as cleaning gutters, trimming brush and maintaining landscapes. As a result of their service to our country, many also require structural changes to the outsides of their homes, including wheelchair ramps and handrails for which carpentry or masonry is necessary, to accommodate mobility impairments. Decorate A Vet is dedicated to assisting our local Northern Virginia veterans to make such repairs, beautify their homes, yards, and communities. Decorate A Vet’s primary outreach activity is its annual Decorating Event to repair, restore and refresh the yards and exteriors of veterans’ homes. With a gathering of individual and business volunteers, DAV provides needed repairs to the housing structure and maintenance to the surrounding yard. Additionally, the outside of the houses are decorated and beautified for the holiday season.