Dog Policy

Patio is for trained dogs,

not for dogs in training!

and please don’t feed Fido while you’re at the Shack.

Clare and Don’s Beach Shack has a variance granted by the Fairfax County Health Department to have dogs. Any bad behavior could result in the loss of the variance and we wouldn’t be able to be dog-friendly.

Thank you for your understanding.

Rules for Your Service Animal

Virginia law requires that service dogs be identified in particular ways:

  • a guide dog must be in harness
  • a hearing dog must be on a blaze orange leash, and
  • a service dog must be in a backpack, harness, or vest that identifies it as a trained service dog.

Under the ADA, a public accommodation may not ask you questions about your disability or demand to see certification, identification, or other proof of your animal’s training or status. If it is not apparent what your service animal does, the establishment may ask you only whether it is a service animal, and what tasks it performs for you.